Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pride & Prejudice: Decorating Pemberley

And so, we've come to Pemberley in our little tour of the houses of Pride and Prejudice. According to Jane Austen's World, Mr. Darcy has an annual income of £10,000 per year, or approximately £339K pounds (around $650K USD). A single man with only one sister, Mr. Darcy has few pulls on his income. (Unlike Mr. Bennett who has only £2,000 to support his family of seven.) Mr. Darcy is at the top of the pecking order and his family seat is appropriately grand.

In the movie, we see only a small portion of the home. Given the quality of the furnishings required, this isn't a big surprise.

"To think, of all this I might have been Mistress." ~ Elizabeth Bennett

The formal rooms at Pemberley are filled with gilded furnishings, marble, brocades and damasks. The color palette used - creams and golds - support the idea that this was one of the most luxurious homes in England.

Here are a few items from 1st Dibs that might have made the cut at Pemberley. I've included some French, Italian and Chinese pieces as well, as I would imagine that the interiors of these homes would be more likely to have furnishings from around the world.

Black lacquer and gilded torcheres at Drum & Co.

Cut glass 8-light chandelier a Florian Papp Antiques
Rosewood consoles at at Royal Antiques
Bronze & Gilt Candelabra ca. 1810 at Florian Papp Antiques

Rosewood and Giltwood center hall table ca. 1810 at Guy Regal Ltd.

Louis XV Ormolu console tables, ca. 1760 at Christopher Hodsoll

French giltwood console with marble top at Urban Chateau

Late 18th/early 19th Century Louis XIV style console and mirror, made in Italy, at Gary Morell

French Empire Candelabra in gilt bronze, ca 1805 at William Word Fine Antiques

Jinger Jar, China ca. 1800 at Heather & Company

So, who's house would you want to live in?

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Pride and Prejudice is currently airing on PBS, Sundays at 9:00PM.


Ms. Place said...

Pemberley, of course! I'll take the man that comes with it. Fabulous posts, Linda. Just perfect.

Chandelier said...

Excellent post!! Thanks for sharing with us.
keep up the work.

Anonymous said...

Great descriptions indeed, but what version of Pride and Prejudice (the movie) were these photos taken from?

Linda Merrill said...

Anon - these were taken from the A&E 1995 television series that was re-aired on PBS in 2008.

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