Thursday, March 26, 2015

American Blanket Company

I received an offer from the American Blanket Company, located in Fall River, Massachusetts, to test out one of their soft fleecy blankets. Well, I am a girl who loves a blankie (I'll admit it!) and I have a dog who REALLY loves a soft blankie!

American Blanket Company stems from a line of family owned businesses with a long history in the textile trade right here in Massachusetts. They make top quality fleece blankets, throws, baby blankets and a new pet line.

They invited me to try out one of their Luster Loft™ throws which come in either 50"x70" ($49) or 50"x80" ($59).

All of their Luster Loft and Supple Touch blankets, throws and baby blankets come in a white gift box with silver ribbon and gift card, which is a lovely touch for such a reasonably priced product.  You can order a much more expensive blanket from a big department and it will come stuffed in plastic shrink-wrap. Plus, you can get them personalized.

I've had the blanket for a couple of weeks and we've been testing it out extensively on the sofa.

The beige blanket is the American Blanket Company item (the dark green is not). You can see in the photos the difference in quality between the two blankets. The beige is much thicker and luxe looking than the green one, it's also larger and warmer.  BTW - this photo is not a set up - he did truly crawl into the blankets like this on his own.

And given a choice, RoyRoy gravitates towards the American Blanket Company blanket every time. They do have a smaller pet size version, but my 15 pound dog feels the bigger the better!

So, thanks American Blanket Company for the new snuggly blanket!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Architectural Digest Home Show and Dining By Design

I was in NYC last week for the Architectural Digest Home Show (which was crazy crowded on trade/press day).

I stayed at The Lucerne Hotel on the Upper West Side.

I've stayed here before and it's a lovely small hotel that is very clean, elegant and comfortable. We got upgraded to a small suite which was very nice. The rooms are pretty small (the bathroom is very tiny) so to have the extra space was great.

The first evening in town I headed over to The Press Lounge at the Ink 48 hotel to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Modenus' BlogTour (I went to New Orleans with them two years ago).

The views were spectacular, though it was very, very cold outside! Here I am with the amazing interior designer Mary Douglas Drysdale and Bobby Berk. Shame it was about 30 degrees out!

I spent Thursday at the Architectural Digest Home Show. Thursday is always press and trade day at the show, which is quite the mad scene.  I'm finding that more and more I have little to no tolerance for very crowded spaces, unfortunately. But the exhibitors are varied - from small firms that offer hand made goods to larger companies like Brizo and Smeg.

Co-located with the AD Home Show is the Dining By Design show which benefits DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids).  Unique table vignettes are created by designers from around the country which national sponsors. Money is raised via sponsor fees, public ticket sales and a gala dinner where lucky diners can sit at each gorgeous table display.

Some of my favorite spaces:

Bronson van Wyck and Architectural Digest's sweet tented space.

Stacy Garcia's space featured the new line of beautiful wallpapers.

Moen's space featured beautiful rain shower head light fixtures outfitted with blue LED lights.

A glitz and glam space designed by Noelia Ibanez, sponsored by Fendi Casa and Manhattan Magazine.

Hunt Slonem designed a back-to-back space. For Lee Jofa, sponsored by Kravet.

Spin Ceramics booth designed by Kitty Hawkes.

Hermés booth.

And the showstopping Marks and Frantz booth, sponsored by New York Design Center.

Some beautiful work for a great cause!

Monday, March 09, 2015

200 Words and $125 and this Maine Inn could be yours!

Have you ever had a hankering to be an innkeeper? Your chance very well may be at hand. The current owner of the Center Lovell Inn & Restaurant in Lovell, Maine, has decided after 22 years to move along and rather than find a buyer, she's going to pass along the trust of this beautiful and historic property as she herself came to own it - by asking for potential owners to write why they want it in 200 words. The full story is in today's Boston Globe, which you can read here.

Current owner Janice Sage and the spectacular views. 

The current owner expects to receive 7,500 entries and she plans on reading every entry herself. She will cull them down to her top 20 and an anonymous committee of two will select the winner. Honestly, I'd have passed along the reading of the 7,500 to others and selected the winner myself. The winner must agree to keep the inn running for at least a year (there will be $20,000 cash included for operations) and the exterior must remain white with black or dark green trim. The furnishings and equipment come with the deal (but not food or liquor).

I have no personal desire to run and inn or restaurant, but boy I'd love to get my hands on the decorating. This place is tired and in sore need of some updates.

Everything just seems so dark and beige, doesn't it?  New England country inns don't need to be tired, pale,  retreads of Colonial or Victorian style.

How about colorful Colonial at Twin Farms in Vermont:

Modern and fresh at the Inn at Hastings Park in Lexington, MA (design by Robin Gannon, photos by Michael J Lee)

Modern Whimsy at The Captain Fairfield Inn (design by Rachel Reider, photos by Rare Brick)

So, to whoever acquires the Center Lovell Inn for $125, please, I beg you, redecorate!!! Call one of the talented designers above, or better yet, call me! I'd love to do a country inn. Either way, just do something!

Contest and entry information here,  and good luck!

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Positive Green

Those who know me know that I've not met a green that I haven't liked. I love, love, love green. My new bedroom at #NookCottage is green, very green. (see above unstyled scouting photo by Michael J Lee). And I love it.

And here's my last condo kitchen, shot by Michael J Lee for Country Woman magazine. 

It seems that everyone, and I do mean everyone, across the country has been dealing with terrible winter weather - none more so that those of us in New England. You can see above just how much has piled up (and yes, I got a new car in December). It's been non-stop shoveling and ice dams all around.  Needless to say, we're waiting for Spring with great anticipation.

It's been snowing all day today and I guess we've gotten an additional 5" or so. Seems like so little now as compared to the 100+ inches we've gotten in the last five weeks. I keep a Pinterest board of inspiration green spaces and decided I needed a bit of a color pick me up and thought some of you could use it too! 

Enjoy and think Spring! 

This one above just kills me. The open window, flowers - saturated greens. Yum. Design by Jack Phillips, photos by Robert Brantley, in Traditional Home.

Toile on toile - love it. Perfect for a guest room. Design by Tucker & Marks, photo by Matthew Millman

The inimitable Billy Baldwin.

Can't you just imagine Jane Austen - or perhaps Elizabeth Bennet Darcy - tucked in for an afternoon read in this little space? Design by Robert Couturier.

Not sure of the designer or photographer , but so pretty!

                         The duchess's bedroom at Chateaux de La Celle des Bordes. (image: The World of Interiors, Apr 2003)

Thibault fabric and wallpaper are showcased in this pale green space.

Another space I don't know the designer or photographer for. But classic!

Mermaid chic. 

And a final spring-time shot - hydrangea in Wedgwood.